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Where in the World is cPRIME – Sun Valley, GA

In spirit of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are sharing Tyler Harris’ photo sporting the Pink/Magenta NEO in beautiful Sun Valley, Georgia.

Where In the World is cPRIME – Raleigh, NC Bikefest

There was some serious cPRIME representation at the 7th Annual Capital City BikeFest in Raleigh, North Carolina last month.

Raleigh NC Bikefest

Raleigh, North Carolina Bikefest

From right to left: Jeremy Simmons (cPrime distributor), Renee Eddins, Kelly Jennings, Theresa and Brian Wellons (cPrime distributor), Dan Jennings.

This is a good looking group that undoubtedly knows how to rock cPRIME!

Where in the World is cPRIME – Port Aransas, TX

Thanks to cPRIME distributor Suzy Moehring for sharing this picture from Port Aransas, Texas!

Today’s temperature is 88 degrees F! We hope Suzy and the rest of the cPRIME family are staying cool and enjoying their week.

Where in the World is cPRIME – Cozumel

Thanks to Bryan Freed for this picture of cPRIME in Cozumel with some aquatic (and slimy) creatures.

Bryan’s email says it best: “Even the baby octopus in Cozumel understands the benefits of cPrime!”

Where in the World is cPRIME – Manhattan

Where in the World is cPRIME? How about New York City?

Thanks to Millie Mitchell for sharing her picture of cPRIME in Manhattan.

Where in the World is cPRIME

Where in the World is cPRIME – Reykjavik, Iceland

Jan and Greg are representing cPRIME in Reykjavik, Iceland on what appears to be an amazing vacation.

They took advantage of the long flight by demo-ing their bands on the plane.

Thanks for sharing the pictures and have a great time!

Where in the World is cPRIME – Rome, Italy

Where in the World is cPRIME? This time a NEO and BURN Band have made their way to Rome, Italy to visit the Colosseum!

Many thanks to Chase Anzalone for this fabulous photo.

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