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May 2011 Leaders Forum : Dallas, Texas


To those leaders present at last weekend’s Leaders Forum in Dallas, we want to thank you again for your commitment to cPRIME. As promised, here is a recap of the event and a breakdown of the announcements that were made.


Attendees kicked off the event with a celebration on Friday evening. Guests walked the red carpet and shared their cPRIME stories upon arrival. Inside the party, DJ Derek was spinning records and Nancy Lieberman mingled with the crowd. Nancy then spoke to the group, sharing a very powerful, very personal story. cPRIME Chief Operating Officer Kevin Keranen gave a short speech and then raffled off three basketballs signed by Nancy. What a great evening with food, drinks, and good company.

More photos from the event can be viewed on cPRIME’s Facebook page.


Distributors were welcomed Saturday morning with a special letter and gift from cPRIME Founder and CEO Denton Jones; all attendees received the original purple NEO band. After a brief introduction of corporate executives, Denton addressed the crowd with his usual leadership and candor about the exciting things in store for cPRIME.

Kevin then caused a commotion as he unveiled the newly-designed, incredibly powerful cPRIME website. The launch of cPRIME 2.0 created an explosive energy in the ballroom. Next came the new sizzle video, which brought everyone to their feet, including Denton, who was so excited he came to stage to address the group again.

Next, cPRIME Chief Financial Officer Bo Williams talked about recent developments in cPRIME research and technology. Bo shared the findings from the newest study and talked about the utility patten cPRIME has applied for.

The floor turned to top leaders Matt SteffeRobert Sacco, and Rob DeBoer as they explained the new Fast Track to 45 program and C3 System. 

Bo Williams returned to talk about Compliance topics that are important to the growth of your business. He then welcomed Hal Bibee, Executive Vice President of Finance, to the stage. Together they made important Finance announcements including:

– New cPRIME Pay Card available soon
– Simplification plans for eWallet
– Daily credit card limit increased
– The 190 band is back!

The crowd then heard from Bill Parisi and Martin Rooney from Parisi Speed School. The presentation commanded the room with its inspiration. Bill and Martin provided solid techniques that every one can apply to their lives.

Kevin returned to the stage with more exciting announcements. Shannon LeRoux, professional fitness model, joined him to talk about international expansion plans. Who do you know in Canada? That’s right! cPRIME is planning to open Canada by the end of the year.

Next up … the E3 Training System! In three simple steps, this training system teaches how to Educate, Equip, and Expose. Part of the system is the Prime 5 Challenge which provides an easy way to track cPRIME band benefits and follow up with customers. The professionally designed postcards that were launched during the event are now available in the Document Library in the Business Center. A website dedicated to the system will be available soon.

Following this training, Kevin announced that the next cPRIME event will be bigger and better than any event cPRIME has hosted. (Is that possible?!) Watch for details about cPRIME’s Grand Opening Event coming this September in Los Angeles!

Although this concluded training, it was just the start for distributors. The halls of the conference center continued to be filled with excitement. What a great kick off to what will be the next chapter for cPRIME. Again, we want to thank all those in attendance and we look forward to seeing you this fall!

Luis Scola, power forward-center basketball player for Houston Rockets and cPRIME Field Leader Robert Sacco, wear cPRIME

cPRIME Regional Training Pictures from July 24 Event in Plano, TX

Here is some pictures from the cPRIME Regional Training that took place on July 24 in Plano, TX. Several cPRIME Corporate team members and Top Leaders attended and were involved with the event.

Field Leaders Webinar with Robert Sacco and Matt Steffe on Thursday, July 29 at 9pm Central

Join Field Leaders Robert Sacco and Matt Steffe for a Webinar on July 29 at 9pm Central. They will be going over new tools, presentations and credit cards for both replicated and ewallet funding.

Space is limited to the first 1,000 participants so register now:

Date: Thursday, July 29, 2010
Time: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM CDT

Rascal Flatts with part of Oklahoma cPRIME Crew, wearing cPRIME

Field Leaders Webinar with Robert Sacco and Matt Steffe on Tuesday, July 27 at 9pm Central

Join Field Leaders Robert Sacco and Matt Steffe for a Webinar on July 27. Coverage of cPRIME Corporate Approved training in Dallas this past weekend amongst other cPRIME News, Tools and Announcements (CREDIT CARDS are available NOW!!!!!!!). Space is limited to the first 1,000 participants so register now:

Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Time: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM CDT

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