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NEW Navy/Frost/Stainless Steel NEO

Things just keep getting better and better at cPRIME.

Despite countless hours spent reinventing the website, enhancing the Business Center, and building training systems, who would have thought there was time to add to the cPRIME product line?

We really are moving at the speed of light.

Introducing the new Navy/Frost/Stainless Steel NEO band (NEO-2159-S), available to order now. Right now.

The Navy/Frost band is made with a Stainless Steel Slide Buckle, and is available for purchase through your Business Center and marketing website.

Get yours now!

Kevin Frazier, Host of The Insider, wearing cPRIME in Rio

Congratulations to the winners of the Dwight Howard All-Star Celebration Event in Hollywood!

The following cPRIME Distributors won airfare, hotel accommodations, car rental, $300 spending cash and a FLIP video-camera!
First Place Winner:  Tyler Harris, Greenville, SC
Second Place Winner:  Steven Smith, Wolfforth, TX
cPRIME Distributors who hit “paid-as” ranks of Gold or higher during the contest period and qualified to win one entry to the All-Star Celebration Event are:

Bryan Caison, TX
Wendy Deiterlen, SC
Tyler Harris, SC
Joe Schelbel, SC
Christopher Thomann, TX
Kenyatta Wright, OK

Congratulations and thank you to all Distributors who put in their best efforts towards the contest!

BREAKING NEWS: Ladies Neo Bracelets and Burn Sports Band Just Launched at the Pre-Launch Conference!

Breaking News: Ladies Neo Bracelets and Burn Sports Band Just Launched at the Pre-Launch Conference!

Burn Sports Band:

Ladies Neo:

Behind the Scenes filming of the awesome new cPRIME video. C it live @ the National Pre-Launch Event!

Introducing the Orange & Black NEO-2258 from cPRIME

Introducing the Maroon & Cool Gray NEO-2234 from cPRIME

As cPRIME continues to grow new products will become available. The corporate team has been hard at work and is very excited to announce a new bracelet that is available to order, effectively immediately.

The Maroon/Cool Gray/Stainless (NEO-2234) bracelet is available in limited quantities and you can only order from your backoffice as a 1-pack, 4-pack, 8-pack and 12-pack including your Retail Replicated website.

Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase a product that a limited number of people will have. It will be available until it is gone, so do not wait!

Thank you for all you do.

Best regards,

cPRIME Corporate Team

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