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cPRIME Leadership – Rick Shivers

Meet Rick Shivers from South Carolina! This week’s cPRIME Leadership video highlights Rick and his outstanding outlook on cPRIME.

cPRIME Leadership – Luis Vega

Hear from Luis Vega on this week’s cPRIME Leadership video!

cPRIME Leadership – Cindy and Craig Roop

This week’s leadership video features Cindy and Craig Roop. Enjoy!

cPRIME International Expansion Plans

Following the recent openings of Canada and Israel, cPRIME is excited to announce plans to open the Singapore and Australia/New Zealand markets. What an incredible time to be a part of cPRIME!

To listen to a special International Corporate Update Call from November 28 with cPRIME Chief Operating Officer Kevin Keranen and key international staff members, click here.

cPRIME distributor Rob DeBoer and VIP Support Agent Easton Rutkoski traveled to Israel to represent cPRIME for the country’s launch in November. Watch a video of the trip below for highlights including demos, meetings, strategy sessions, and sight-seeing. You’ll definitely feel the excitement in the market by experiencing it through this clip.


Additional events are planned during the month of December to support cPRIME’s international launches:

On December 7, cPRIME COO Kevin Keranen and distributor Rob DeBoer will present a meeting in Israel, and on December 8 there will be a special Singapore Launch Event with special guests Christopher Neville, Managing Director Asia Pacific; Matt Steffe, Founding USA distributor; Ms. Elena Hall, Executive Director Business Development; Christohper Rochester, Managing Director Australia & New Zealand; and Ms. Pearl Goh, interim Managing Director of Singapore.

If you are interested in these events, please visit the Event tab on the official cPRIME Facebook page.


cPRIME Leadership – Andrew Finkbeiner

This week’s cPRIME Leadership video features Andrew Finkbeiner. Enjoy!

cPRIME Leadership – John Kotler

Take a moment to watch this week’s Leadership video with John Kotler from New York!

cPRIME Leadership – Wendy Dieterlen

Enjoy this week’s cPRIME Leadership video featuring Wendy Dieterlen and Becky Wollenberg:

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