cPRIME and EvolvHealth Merge to Create Unprecedented Opportunity


cPRIME is evolving! Our mission at cPRIME has always been to provide our distributors with unlimited opportunity. With that goal in mind, we have always strived to develop cPRIME’s technology, maintain a generous compensation plan, establish powerful celebrity endorsements, and implement innovative business tools. This progression has led us to many great achievements in a short amount of time. We contribute this success to the dedication and perseverance of our distributors. It is an amazing time to be a part of cPRIME … and it is about to get even better! As we embark on a New Year with new goals in mind, it is time to rise to the challenge and take your business to the next level.

cPRIME is pleased to announce it has merged with EvolvHealth, a direct-selling company that has set a new standard in the industry. Evolv’s mission is to provide distributors with the support and resources necessary to become empowered in their lives by achieving health and financial security. Its vision is to help 8.4 million people to reach their fitness and wellness goals. Evolv’s mission and vision perfectly complement cPRIME’s commitment to developing high-performance products that impact lives around the globe.

The owners of Evolv and cPRIME agree that over the last few years both companies have been traveling on parallel paths using the ideal vehicle to share incredible products and opportunity. These two paths have now converged, providing an unprecedented opportunity for two multi-level marketing powerhouses to collaboratively move forward together.
Evolv’s patent-pending products have certainly gained attention in the industry and are widely known for their advanced, revolutionary nutritional benefits. The company’s extensive line of science-based, efficacious products and its corresponding e84 Challenge align synergistically with cPRIME’s performance wear product line. cPRIME will offer Evolv distributors an additional level of performance to propel them in achieving optimal fitness and wellness.
Evolv, like cPRIME, has an outstanding group of talent that provide the cornerstone of its e84 Programs, sharing real results and demonstrating sustainable benefits. World-renowned researchers and health/science professionals developed Evolv’s products and fitness programs to create a proven system to yield results.

To learn more about Evolv’s products, click here.

As a member of the cPRIME family, you will soon have access to all Evolv products and be able to begin participating in the Evolv Compensation Plan. As you promote the e84 Challenge, you will have support of the Evolv Scientific Advisory Board. And you can set goals to expand your international business pursuits in four additional open markets including Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Columbia.

This is only the beginning! More and more information will be coming to you every day. Please watch your email for updates, participate on all conference calls, and stay connected as we begin this journey together.

Listen to tonight’s Corporate Update Call with cPRIME and Evolv executives here.

4 Responses to “cPRIME and EvolvHealth Merge to Create Unprecedented Opportunity”

  1. 1 Deb Cowan Hoffpauir January 24, 2012 at 12:13 AM

    I am so excited about this new addition to the EvolvHealth family!

  2. 3 Cathy Dohmann January 25, 2012 at 1:02 PM

    Hey cprimers!!! Welcome to Evolv, so looking forward to to sharing cprime with all of the Evolvers and beyond! I am wearing your technology now and LOVE it! I did a demo with another product, different technology from another company that prides itself in being the best….and cprime KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK in increasing flexibility, strength and balance! See you all in Dallas at the convention!

    Cathy Dohmann
    Blue Diamond

  3. 4 James Wallace February 22, 2012 at 4:53 PM

    I fell Evolv has ” taken over” C-prime. It has not been a merger. Sending people to my website to read about c-prime is a big pain right now it’s just Evolv all over the place. Im not saying Evolv is not good but it’s not what I am selling

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